Airbridge - Design System 🎨


This is the design system where we can talk about the language of the website. This area is really an open canvas to test out anything that will work on the rest of the site.

As you progress through the site you may notice some of these styles changing based on what you are setting up. Maybe that's not a good sign?

Helper Functions

Array argument validation is_arg() and get_arg()

This is great to help you pass functions between template parts.

e.g. get_template_part('template-parts/component','animals', $animals_args);

Template Part - section-zoo.php


$animal_args = array(
	'animals' => array('dog', 'deer', 'cat'),
	'title' => get_field('title'),
	'sub_title' => 'Animals'

get_template_part('template-parts/component','animals', $animals_args);

Template Part - component-animals.php


$is_title     = is_arg('title', $args); // This will return false because get_field('title') doesn't exist.
$is_nothing   = is_arg('something', $args); // This will return false.
$is_animals   = is_arg('animals', $args); // This will return truthy as an array.

$sub_title = get_arg('sub_title', $args); // This will return 'Animals'.

$animals = get_arg('animals', $args);

if($animals && is_array($animals) ) {
	foreach( $animals as $animal ) {
		echo $animal;

Attribute output from associative array get_attributes()

This is used in component_button() to add more attributes that don't have specific arguments.

$attributes = array(
	'data-url' => '',
	'data-id' => 'latasp',

get_attributes( $attributes );

Returns: data-url="" data-id="latasp"


Background Colors


Text Colors


Well colour me white!


Well colour me black!


Well colour me grey-2b2!


Well colour me grey-414!


Well colour me grey-585!


Well colour me grey-707!


Well colour me grey-838!


Well colour me grey-ebe!


Well colour me blue-5AF!


Well colour me blue-004!


Well colour me blue-001!


Well colour me pink-D50!


Well colour me purple-5e0!



Display 1 .f-display-1

Display 1 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 2 .f-display-2

Display 2 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 3 .f-display-3

Display 3 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 4 .f-display-5

Display 4 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 5 .f-display-5

Display 5 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 6 .f-display-6

Display 6 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Display 7 .f-display-5

Display 7 Lorem ipsum dolor.


Extra large paragraph .f-body-1

Body 1 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Bold Extra large paragraph .f-body-1 .f-body-1-a

Body 1a Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body .f-body-2

Body 2 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 3 .f-body-3

Body 3 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 4 .f-body-4

Body 4 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Button .f-body-5

Body 5 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Job Title .f-body-7

Body 7 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Nav menu items .f-body-8

Body 8 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 9 .f-body-9

Body 9 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Medium Body 9 .f-body-9 .f-body-9-a

Body 9a Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 10 .f-body-10

Body 10 a Lorem ipsum dolor.

Nav menu items .f-body-11

Body 11 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 12 .f-body-12

Body 12 Lorem ipsum dolor.

Body 13 .f-body-13

Body 13 Lorem ipsum dolor.






Video Player

.c-video-reponsive .c-video-overlay



Taking a science-based approach, we developed a Patented technology called the Annulus Core Reactor (ACR), which, combined with Ammonia and Water, locks the CO2 into a liquor solution – producing Ammonia Carbonate/Bicarbonate.

The liquor solution is then processed downstream with off the shelf products like gypsum, calcium nitrates and sulphates to produce green products such as:

  • High Grade Calcium Carbonate – pharmaceutical grade
  • Ammonium Sulphate – fertiliser
  • Ammonium Chloride – fertiliser
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – food additive
  • Ammonium Nitrate – fertiliser, explosives




position position

Ken Luehman is a financial services leader with a proven track record with major Australian companies. Ken has worked across the banking sector in senior roles in NAB and Westpac for two decades. As a manager of large teams and networks, Ken has strengths in people leadership, change leadership, employee engagement, customer advocacy and stakeholder relationship management. Ken is currently General Manager of KL Consulting, a coaching and mentoring consultancy for senior leaders. Ken holds a Diploma of Financial Markets and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


We are a Profit for Purpose organisation supporting industry and government deliver a carbon neutral future.

Using CO2 as a feedstock to make downstream essential products is the beginning of a new supply chain that will help Net Zero 2050 become a reality.


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