Airbridge is a privately owned Australian company with a globally patented, revolutionary technology that transforms carbon emissions before they enter the atmosphere and repurposes them into valuable, essential global commodities.

Eliminating emissions, creating new Carbon Fed Supply Chains and accelerating towards Net Zero.

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our technology

Like many brilliant ideas or inventions before it, Airbridge technology was borne out of a desire to truly make the world a better place, not just for those of us here today, but for those in generations to come. Airbridge technology is a unique and authentic proposition to taking steps toward a cleaner planet.

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our people

We are a Profit for Purpose organisation with a team of dedicated and talented people with a single desire to Decarbonise Industry and begin a new Carbon Fed Supply Chain.

carbon capture

Before CO₂ even gets a chance to enter and impact our environment, Airbridge safely locks it into solution ready for downstream processing.

carbon conversion

Safely locked in solution, Airbridge then reuses the CO₂ to introduce a new Carbon Fed Supply Chain, making valuable global commodities from CO₂. Supporting critical domestic supply.

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If you’d like to join Airbridge as an investor, an emitter or an industry/government body and take steps toward a cleaner planet, contact us today.