Our technology

Airbridge’s patented technology is a world-first that offers large industry a Scalable Carbon Capture and Utilisation solution.

Essentially, in a world where targeted net-zero carbon emissions has become a licence to operate, rather than a target to achieve, Airbridge is an enabler for emitters and a green-light technology for governments globally.

The attraction of Airbridge technology once CO2 is captured is perhaps the most exciting opportunity of all. Repurposing CO2 into a range of high value, materials for industries including, but not limited to, agriculture, mining, construction, fuel, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The beginning of a new Carbon Fed Supply Chain.

Carbon Capture

Airbridge’s patented technology and process safely capture CO₂ from a wide range of emitters and industries before it enters the atmosphere. CO₂ is then locked into a liquid form, with no high pressure or temperature and is easily transported and converted into highly valuable, global commodities. Airbridge’s conversion of CO₂ ultimately transforms the worldwide environmental issue of carbon emissions into a valuable, and brand new, Carbon Fed Supply Chain, taking significant steps toward a cleaner planet.

Carbon Conversion

Locked into a liquid form following capture, Airbridge repurposes the CO2 into a range of existing high-demand, high-value commoditised products that are used in global industries that include, but are not limited to, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Mining and Fuels. Airbridge’s repurposing of CO₂ ultimately transforms the worldwide environmental issue of Carbon Emissions into a new Carbon Fed Supply Chain, that will become the new supply chains of a Net Zero Economy. Supporting food security and securing domestic supply.


Airbridge is positioning itself to become one of the world's most exciting tech investment platforms.